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History of the Solar System

Coming soon

How did the Solar System come into existence? How did planets form - both terrestrial and jovian?

This first series of documentaries will bring an exciting tale of our own history. 

the film
The facts
The mission
Lunar Craters

Geologic history of the Red Planet

Coming Soon!

Mars, a tiny red dot in the night sky had an interesting past. Today, we know that Mars is a geologically dead planet, and with its arid and dry environment, it is tough to expect the presence of any life form on the planet. But was it always as cold and dry as it is right now? We bring a series of animations to explain how Mars evolved geologically.


Evolution of Moon

Coming Soon!

How did Moon form? We present an animation to take you back by approximately 4.5 billion years when our Solar System was young and Earth was way different from how it looks right now. We then travel through time to demonstrate the evolution of the Moon, characterizing it through its various demarkations according to its geologic history.

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